Overview and Practice Areas

In 2007, Jon D. Polley began practicing public law and public finance for various kinds of local governments and non-profits, including water districts and small cities. Monica A. Garza began practicing law in 2014 and began practicing public law, public finance and election law in 2018. Over the past five years, Jon and Monica continued to grow their expertise in the public law industry and formed Polley Garza PLLC (“PG”) in 2023.

The firm’s diverse experience in public law, including the areas of public finance, administrative, election, health and safety, utility, environmental and land use law, offers the ability to meet the varied needs of the firm’s clients in ways unmatched by other similar firms.

PG has experience in representing various types of special districts, including emergency services districts, municipal utility districts, water control and improvement districts, fresh water supply districts, legislatively-created special districts, municipalities, non-profit water supply and sewer service corporations, non-profit emergency services providers, as well as investor owned, for-profit water and sewer utilities and regional authorities. PG has experience representing such entities and has worked with virtually all aspects of the creation, operation, administration, election, financing, real estate matters and management of special districts.